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Iokai Shiatsu Practice
Stefan Slings


"Stefan, the shiatsu treatment did me a lot of good. I feel so good and I’m full of energy. Thank you so much for this."- Connie, receptionist

"If you are looking for calming energy work, I can warmly recommend Stefan."- Amanda, account manager

"Stefan gave me a treatment for my stiff neck. It felt very good and I could feel how he loosened up some blockages to get the energy flowing again. He is taking his work very seriously and gives full attention to his patients."- Jan, PHD researcher

"Yesterday I received my first treatment from Stefan. I found it very calming and it relieved the pain in my shoulder. I dance at least 8 hours per day for work / pleasure. It was very good to do this to get back into balance. I recommend it."- Sophia Maria, dancer

"For a while I have been looking for a shiatsu practice in the North of Amsterdam because my physical job (district nurse) is tough on my back and shoulders. Stefan is a very calm and pleasant therapist. He creates a professional and safe atmosphere in which you can totally relax. I found his treatment soft but at the same time hard when needed. Stefan tries to listen to your body and your soul at the same time. Before the treatment I was mainly suffering from a painful lower back (due to cycling) and shoulders (built up tension). Moreover, I just recoverd from illness and I was still suffering from a resulting headache. This morning I woke up relaxed and free of complaints :) I hope to receive more treatments from Stefan in the future!"- Trieu, district nurse