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Iokai Shiatsu Practice
Stefan Slings

The therapist

During a trip through Southeast Asia in 2008, I was inspired to learn about spirituality and well-being. Since then I took an inner journey and I have used techniques that promote well-being on a daily basis, such as meditation, voice therapy, yoga and shiatsu. Thanks to the teachers and therapists I met in the period after that first trip, I became increasingly aware of the role of the body in well-being and spiritual development, and how important it is to align body and mind.

Shiatsu is a form through which I can pass this awareness on to others with great joy. I started the four-year shiatsu training at the Amsterdam School for Iokai Shiatsu in 2012 and received my certificates in 2016. I opened my official Iokai Shiatsu Practice in meditation center “De Zamenhof” in North Amsterdam in October 2016.

Eastern philosophy and medicine, in which shiatsu has its origin, have taught me to see life from a completely different perspective than we usually do in the West. This unexpected angle often broadens the number of possibilities to find solutions for problems that we cannot solve with our own limited views.

Stefan Slings Shiatsu therapist

For me, shiatsu also has a strong spiritual component: by touching at an energetic level and listening receptively, one enters into a silent space in which thought recedes to the background and a deep, spacious and intuitive layer of consciousness comes to the foreground. It is beautiful when you can share this state of being with the one who is receiving it.

Besides being a shiatsu therapist, I am also a freelance English-Dutch translator. I love language and I enjoy balancing this mental work with the physical nature of shiatsu.