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Iokai Shiatsu Practice
Stefan Slings

Iokai Shiatsu

Iokai Shiatsu is an eastern form of manual therapy that is characterized by the sincere personal attention and empathic touch of the therapist. By applying pressure with my hands and fingers, I make the life energy in your body flow more freely. Iokai Shiatsu can be employed to treat various complaints and helps to improve overall health.

Iokai Shiatsu is strongly rooted in classical eastern medicine, which is based on the idea that the human body has its own intelligence. When your body is healthy, it is capable of solving many problems by itself or of finding ways to adjust to new circumstances. If this process is out of balance, you will have more complaints. By rebalancing your organs and energy balance through the meridians, I give this self-healing ability of your body a helping hand. After a shiatsu treatment, your body will endeavor to heal itself with renewed energy. This means that Iokai Shiatsu can be effective for treating various lighter complaints, and often works supportively in case of heavier problems. In practically all cases an Iokai Shiatsu treatment will give you a deep, long lasting relaxation. Therefore it is wise to take as much rest as possible after a treatment.

Iokai Shiatsu can be helpful in case of the following complaints:

Iokai Shiatsu takes place in a quiet environment. As a client you will be lying on a mat (futon) on the floor, supported by cushions. I apply pressure through the clothing. Please bring clothing in which you can move freely and make sure that some time has passed between your last meal and the treatment.