Apple motion 5 manual pdf

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apple motion 5 manual pdf

Motion Blur and Reflections Settings | Motion 5

Motion 5 User Manual. Motion Blur and Reflections Settings Below the General section of the Properties Inspector are two sections that can affect how your project looks when exported: Motion Blur and Reflections. In Motion, motion blur affects objects in your project that are animated using behaviors or keyframes. This allows you to create more natural-looking motion in your project, even though the animation is artificially created. As with a camera, faster objects have more blur; slower objects have less blur. The Motion Blur section of the Properties Inspector has two settings: Samples: Use this slider to set the number of subframes rendered per frame, where 1 frame represents degrees. Higher Samples values result in a higher-quality motion-blur effect, but are more processor-intensive.
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Motion 5 Motion 5 - Making Clone Layers. Motion 5 User Manual. Making Clone Layers In a motion graphics project, sometimes it is necessary to reuse a complex layer in other parts of the project multiple times. Although you can duplicate or cut and paste any layer, if you update the original, none of the changes you make are applied to the copies. Keeping track of these changes can become a tedious and difficult management task. If you find yourself applying the same filters and masks to more than one copy of a layer, you should take advantage of the Make Clone Layer command.


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Final Cut Pro X: Options for importing photos from a media card used for both videos and photos. Motion 5 — Technical Specifications. Compressor 4 — Technical Specifications. This applies to Projects too. Compressor 4.

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