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sam walton book pdf free

The 10 Rules of Sam Walton - Patrick Bet-David

However, readers will enjoy the folksy narrative of the small-town millionaire who revolutionized retail distribution. Walton also addresses accusations against him, such as running the competition out of town. Coauthor Huey does a fine job of incorporating candid testimonials from family members and associates, who thought Walton's ideas were sometimes silly. Shortly after Walton's death, the book was given an overly sentimental postscript a minor detraction and rushed into print. Highly recommended for public and academic business collections. Smith, Harvard Business Sch. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.
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Sam Walton Made In America -Autobiography - (Part 1) - Animated Book Summary

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PDF + Summary: Sam Walton, Made in America (Wal-Mart Founder)

I found here some huge lessons learned. Sam Walton was born in in a lower class family. His father was a hard working man, but he never managed to start his business because, out of pride, he refused to take out a loan. Lesson learned : there is noting wrong to take a loan if it helps you move forward towards your goals. At a young age Sam Walton helped his mother in the milk business. He would milk the cow and then go out and sell the bottled milk. In 7th grade he took his first official job delivering papers in the neighborhood.

Sam Walton is by far one of the most interesting entrepreneurs to study who built his empire on duplicatable principles. Today, 2,, people work for Walmart worldwide. Sam Walton knew what he had to do to outperform the competition because he knew his own business inside and out. That meant when he spoke or made suggestions, he had credibility. He was committed to moving his business a little further ahead each and every day and challenged everyone who worked alongside him to be the best. Gradually, this positive attitude meant people start accomplishing more than they ever thought would have been possible at the outset. Nothing in the world can replace a positive attitude when it comes to growing and operating a great business.

Lesson 2: Always put the customer first. Always.

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer on the planet. This retail titan began in with founder Sam Walton managing a single store in Newport, AR, a town of 7, people. Amazing that Wal-Mart now has more than one store for every person in the town in which it was founded. Sam Walton wrote his autobiography Sam Walton: Made in America in the last year before he died, as he struggled with cancer. Made in America is a candid, energetic retelling of the Wal-Mart story and the principles that led Walton and his partners to incredible success. If you want to understand the clash of retail titans Amazon and Wal-Mart in the coming years, you have to read these books.

Now that I finished it, here are some interesting things I remember:. Paperback version; I read the hardcover and got it from a free library! For many years Sam Walton was the absolute richest man in the world. But Walmart never had a fancy headquarters office, Sam drove an old battered pickup truck, and he wore suits and clothes purchased from his stores. Sam Walton was extremely good at selling things to people.

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