The 50 and up underground house book

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the 50 and up underground house book

My wife and I had some property, but not enough money to build a house without going into debt. After consulting several books, including one by Rob Roy , this book just made the most sense. The methods are so low tech, a bum could make himself a mansion. Other books get into engineering with concrete, steel, rebar, etc. With this book and the videos, which are a must if you get serious, you really can build a home for the cost of a roll of plastic and a few other items, provided you do the labor by hand and scrounge materials.
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Dig To Build The Best Secret Ancient Underground Deep Pool And Underground House

The $50 and Up Underground House Book

Welcome to UndergroundHousing. Great How-To Book This book illustrates and explains how to create an affordable underground house with far more advantages than an above ground house. Explains step by step planning, materials, construction, features, and some sample layouts to get you started. Along with much more. This is the book I plan to use when I build my house. GF - September 29, Amazon 5 out of 5 Stars.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…., It is widely recognized as the book which offers the reader the greatest possibilities for light, air and views in an underground home. Where most owner-designers and even professional architects are stuck on the disastrous "First Thought" concept, a design which greatly limits view, sunshine and air flow, and which usually causes staggering drainage problems, Oehler offers the "Basic Design" with the "Up Hill Patio" which solves these problems and more.


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