Lost and found by anne schraff book report

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lost and found by anne schraff book report

Summary for Lost and Found

The Bluford Series is a widely read collection of contemporary American young adult novels set in the fictional inner-city high school of Bluford High in Southern California. As part of an effort to promote reading in underfunded school districts, Townsend Press originally made the Bluford Series available to schools for a dollar each. The Bluford Series is set in Bluford High School, the fictional school all the main characters attend. Each novel features a teenage protagonist facing difficult challenges in and out of school. Topics explored in the books include bullying, school violence, teenage pregnancy, divorce, peer pressure, and substance abuse. Despite these gritty topics, the Bluford Series has been praised widely for its engaging stories and responsible handling of difficult subject matter, earning positive reviews in Kirkus Reviews , School Library Journal , and the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. While each novel in the Bluford Series can be read independently, the books are interconnected and represent a span of about 2 years at Bluford high.
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Secrets in the Shadows by Anne Schraff

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Bluford High #1: Lost And Found

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In this chapter of the book Darcy Wills finds herself in trouble. Whenever she needs someone to talk to about school, friends and boys her mother would probably be at work working late hours or probably be in bed exhausted. Jamee her younger sister comes home late from school and gets drop off my a red Nissan almost everyday. Come to find out that Jamee have been hanging out with Blurford high students at Darcy's school. Bobby Wallace is the one guy in particular Jamee would do anything for. They also mentioned that she looks eighteen but is only fourteen in middle school. Darcy knew they were talking about her sister because Jamee was the only odd ball that hangs out with them from middle school.

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  2. The author of Lost and Found is Anne Schraff and the book was published Anne Schraff is a full time writer and creator of the Bluford series.

  3. Book review of Lost and Found by Anne Schraff. Report this review Comments (0) | Was this review helpful to you? 3 0. good. October 05, Overall rating.

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