Difference between surface book and surface book 2

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difference between surface book and surface book 2

Surface Book 2 vs Surface Book: What’s the difference? | Trusted Reviews

Microsoft may be best known for its software, but the company has been working away studiously over the last few years, creating a range of laptops and tablets that marry serious specs with desirable design. Alcantra cloth keyboard, anyone? Which is Surface best for you? As ever, it depends on your particular needs and budget. The Surface Laptop is best for students or general work purposes. If you need more power, for creative work such as graphic design, then the Surface Book is best.
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Who would buy this?? – Surface Book 2 Review

Trying to decide which Surface computer is right for you? Select up to three 3 models below to compare features, tech specs, and recommended use.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15-inch) review

As it turns out, one of the best 2-in-1 laptops to date is just a larger Surface Book — one that can handle the latest PC games and last for a helluva long time, to boot. We just wish Microsoft did a bit more with the extra space afforded by the new inch form factor. And, while the Surface Book 2 is pricier than its predecessor, it kind of has to be. Rather than only being a laptop that can flip around, it really is two devices in one. Microsoft quietly upgrades Surface Book 2 with 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor. The compact In fact, the Surface Book 2 has improved on the original so much, that we cannot wait to see what Microsoft does with the Surface Book 3.

A year later, the company updated the Surface Book with Performance Base , adding in a slightly more powerful GPU and more battery capacity. Just how significant is the Surface Book 2? In this comparison, we compare the Surface Book 2 vs. Surface Book to see if the new machine was worth the wait. Surface Book 2. Dimensions But otherwise, the iconic Surface Book design remains largely intact, at least aesthetically.

Microsoft Surface is a series of whiteboards and touchscreen Windows personal computers developed and designed by Microsoft. It comprises four generations of 2-in-1 detachable notebooks, hybrid tablets, all-in-one convertible desktop, and various accessories all with unique features. The latest to launch is the Surface Book 2, the updated version of the Surface Book, which comes in inch and inch versions.
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Compare Surface computers

Strictly speaking the Surface Book 2 could be seen as the third major variant of the Surface Book family. On top of the choice of processors and storage for the original Surface Book, Microsoft also released an interim version called the Surface Book Performance Edition. That honor lies with the Surface Book 2, so this head to head pairs up the latest laptop from Microsoft with its original. Putting aside the inch version of the Surface Book 2 a new size for this generation , there is very little difference in size between the old and the new models. In terms of weight, the i5 variant of the Surface Book 2 is 20g heavier than the original, while the i7 variant is 30g lighter than the comparable specced Performance Base.

Everything you need to know — including all the key specs — is right here. Microsoft has taken the covers off its second-generation Surface Book 2-in-one hybrid, claiming it to be the most powerful Surface yet. But is it a mere refresh? Or does it leave its predecessor in the dust? The most interesting design tweak is barely noticeable and happens under the chassis, with re-designed cooling which allows the The quad-core The display on the Surface Book 2 is unchanged from its predecessor as well, with the


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