Harry potter and the order of the phoenix pdf book

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harry potter and the order of the phoenix pdf book

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The Order is a group of wizards that is led by Albus Dumbledore, and its mission is to fight and stand against Lord Voldemort and his evil followers. Because the head of the Ministry of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, is corrupt and refuses to believe that Voldemort has returned, the Order has to do everything in secret and is not sanctioned by the Ministry. Harry is ordered to stand trial because of his use of magic outside the school. He is vindicated with the help of Dumbledore, and returns to Hogwarts for another year with his best friends, Hermione and Ron. At Hogwarts, however, things have changed. Dolores Umbridge, who is a member of the Ministry of Magic and who voted against Harry at his trial, is slated to be the new teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts.
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The "big number 5", the longest novel of Harry Potter series, begins And it starts with a bang, with two dementors attacking Harry and his cousin Dudley in a muggles area, out in the open. The rules of the usual Rowling's game have definitely changed. The axiom "before we'll be between the welcoming arms of Hogwarts, and after many things will happen" no longer exists. The previous chapter of the series, also, started in the spirit of this new trend: you're not safe anywhere. Everything is more complicated for Harry Potter, it is difficult even to sleep by now.

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Harry Potter is one of the most popular books in the magical world, in which fantasy and strange stories are hiding. Rowling in which he told how Hogwarts had his six novels. He is ready to face Harry Potter Dark Lord in the year. Harry is preparing for the war, and no one is helping him except Dumbledore. That is the hottest novel of … [Read more If you like to read the story, then I want to tell you about an outstanding story about which you are most welcome, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix EPUB was first published in

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