Fun facts about harry potter and the sorcerers stone book

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fun facts about harry potter and the sorcerers stone book

Harry Potter | 20 Fun Facts about Harry Potter

Please refresh the page and retry. F inding a superstar owl? He introduced him to Daniel. All through the second half of the play, I couldn't concentrate. The Radcliffes left before I had a chance to speak to them, so I had a very sleepless night before calling Alan the next morning. Radcliffe did a screen test which astounded Rowling. G illiam was among a handful of directors initially attached to the film, including Mike Newell, Tim Robbins, M Night Shyamalan and Chris Columbus, who eventually got the gig.
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20 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Facts That you didn't know

Alan Rickman was hand-picked to play Snape by J.

13 things you didn’t know about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This spellbinding book took several tumultuous years to plan and publish - but it was so worth it! See below for 10 facts about the book that first introduced us to the magical world of the Harry Potter books It took J. Rowling's literary agent, Christopher Little, a whole year to find a publisher - but thank goodness he persevered! Rowling's delight, Bloomsbury agreed to publish the book, writing a cheque to the soon-to-be world-famous author for just pounds an extremely profitable investment!

Getty Here are 10 facts about the first Harry Potter book that you might not have known. See Also: Harry Potter Gifts. To pay homage to a series that changed the lives of millions of people around the globe, Heavy rounded up a few facts about the first book, author J. By popular request, 2 of RGalbrath 's rejection letters! For inspiration, not revenge, so I've removed signatures. Rowling shared the two rejection letters on Twitter to help encourage new writers to not give up on their dreams.

52. Serendipity

TheWrap teamed up with IMDb to give you these 15 facts you may not have known about the film series. The roots of the Potter films begin in with David Heyman, the man who has produced every installment of the series including "Fantastic Beasts. Two years later, Rowling sold the rights to her books to Warner Bros. One major exception to this was Dumbledore's original actor, the Irish-born Richard Harris. Sadly, Harris passed away in after filming "Chamber of Secrets," and was replaced by Michael Gambon.

With an eye toward a new generation of readers, U. Got a first edition? Each book hit No. Her real name is Joanne Rowling and she goes by Jo. The British author went from struggling single mother to exceedingly rich and famous megastar though one notoriously private about her fortune : In , James B. Rowling has said that Hermione Granger, know-it-all and indispensable friend to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, was inspired by Jo when she was a girl.

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  1. Recently, I wrote an article called "10 Fun Facts You Never Knew About 'Star Wars: The book and movie are called 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone '.

  2. Sep 1, Getty Here are 10 facts about the first Harry Potter book that you might not have known. Two decades after Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's.

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