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Reading group Every month, Sam Jordison will host an online reading group, featuring a book chosen by you. He will give you the background on the author and the world in which the book was written, ask experts in to tackle any points you raise, and invite the author on to the site for a for a live web chat - while you get on with the serious business of talking. The novel is a challenging masterpiece — luckily, its author wrote a blisteringly bad-tempered guide to reading it. Published: PM. Reading group: which Doris Lessing book should we read in October?
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Sea Prayer: a 360 illustrated film by award-winning novelist Khaled Hosseini

***This is my attempt at translating Priest's BL novel Guardian (鎮魂 Zhen Hun), I' m not a this novel was originally published online and the original author is Priest. Change of book cover + announcement · Chapter 77 - Primordial Past.

Before the internet broke my attention span I read books compulsively. Now, it takes willpower

All stories Twitter Facebook Sign up to the Bookmarks email. A boy is thrown together with his great-uncle in this examination of freedom and family by the author of Room. Bodies in left luggage Peter James on Brighton's grisly past. A remarkable story of war, communism and espionage related with nuanced sympathy, but lacking reflection. Nobel prize We were promised a less Eurocentric award. We got two laureates from Europe Maya Jaggi.

Have been on the same book for ages!!! I felt seen, to say the least. My limp attempt to start a book club was a product of similar guilt. It was early September and I had only just finished a novel I began in April. In the same amount of time the first Gulf war was almost over. For months the novel sat atop a mounting pile of other, unread books on my bedside table, a stack that started as aspirational but grew into a tower of shame.

But from the point of view of authors, these are potentially exciting times. Because, although advances have been slashed, and literary agents are wringing their hands at the difficulties in finding publishers for all but the most guaranteed fiction, change is on the way. With Apple's iPad recently joining Amazon's Kindle and the Sony Reader as devices for reading downloaded books, power in publishing might just be shifting in the authors' favour. For as long as anyone has been writing books, authors' careers have rested on the judgments or whims of publishers. Would the novel that took so many months, or even years, to write be read, let alone chosen, by editors? Who could tell? Who knew what publishers were looking for?

Workers feel more stress and anxiety than ever before. We need to talk about this | Elliot Perlman

Wed 4 Sep Only dead people are allowed to have statues, but I have been given one while still alive. Already I am petrified. This statue was a small token of appreciation for my many contributions, said the citation, which was read out by Aunt Vidala. I thanked her with as much modesty as I could summon, then pulled the rope that released the cloth drape shrouding me; it billowed to the ground, and there I stood. I inclined my head in a nod. I am standing straight, shoulders back, my lips curved into a firm but benevolent smile.

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