The industrial revolution and its impact on european society book

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the industrial revolution and its impact on european society book

Best Books About the Industrial Revolution

Although Western Europe had long had the basic trappings of capitalism private property, wealth accumulation, contracts , the Industrial Revolution fueled the creation of a truly modern capitalist system. Widespread credit, business corporations, investments and large-scale stock markets all become common. Britain led the way in this transformation. By the s, the British Industrial Revolution, which had been developing for several decades, began to further accelerate. Manufacturing, business, and the number of wage laborers skyrocketed, starting a trend that would continue into the first half of the 19th century.
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Undergirding the development of modern Europe between the s and was an unprecedented economic transformation that embraced the first stages of the great Industrial Revolution and a still more general expansion of commercial activity. Articulate Europeans were initially more impressed by the screaming political news generated by the French Revolution and ensuing Napoleonic Wars , but in retrospect the economic upheaval, which related in any event to political and diplomatic trends, has proved more fundamental.

History of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a major shift of technological , socioeconomic, and cultural conditions that occurred in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century in some Western countries. It began in Britain and spread throughout the world, a process that continues as industrialization. The onset of the Industrial Revolution marked a major turning point in human social history, comparable to the invention of farming or the rise of the first city-states ; almost every aspect of daily life and human society was, eventually, in some way influenced by it. The effects spread throughout Western Europe and North America during the nineteenth century, eventually affecting most of the world. The impact of this change on society was enormous. The period of time covered by the Industrial Revolution varies with different historians.

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Developments in 19th-century Europe are bounded by two great events. The French Revolution broke out in , and its effects reverberated throughout much of Europe for many decades. World War I began in Its inception resulted from many trends in European society, culture , and diplomacy during the late 19th century. In between these boundaries—the one opening a new set of trends, the other bringing long-standing tensions to a head—much of modern Europe was defined.

The Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on European Society. One reported: “We Revolution, a number of books are available that place the. Industrial.
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Industrial Of The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution is a thoroughly documented subject in world history. The topic is expansive due to the fact that the industrial revolution first began in Great Britain in the 18th century and slowly spread to every corner of the world over the span of hundreds of years. As a result, countless books have been published on the topic analyzing it from almost every angle. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. These books discuss many different aspects of the topic. Some of the books give a more global perspective while others focus exclusively on specific countries, such as Britain or the United States, or on specific issues in the industrial revolution like economic issues or social issues. These books mentioned here are also some of the best-selling books on the industrial revolution and not only received great reviews from literary critics and historians but also have great reviews from readers on sites like Amazon, Goodreads and etc.

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